Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lon Las Cymru - Cycling through Wales

On May the 24th three friends and I will be leaving Holyhead and cycling the 250 miles down to Cardiff.  Sounds simple enough, at least it did when I agreed to do it.

I've now read the guide book and this is what it says:
"From Holy island in the north to the waters of Cardiff bay in the south....opened in 1995....is a rollercoaster of a journey of 400km/250 miles....graded as a Challenge Route by sustrans, it is one of the toughest of all the routes on the sustrans network....is still short enough to be completed inside a full week... with a cumulative ascent of 5000m from North to South you'll need a strong set of gears, legs and lungs"

Unfortunately we don't have a week, we've got 4 days, and as for the strong legs and lungs......well I guess we'll find out.

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